Reservation and Ticket Conditions and Terms of Carriage
  1. Tickets are personal and not transferable to any other party.
  2. No changes can be made after scheduled departure time. Can a ticket be neither cancelled nor refunded after scheduled departure time.
  3. The BUYER should present the credit card which was used during transactions (on the SELLER’s internet website) at time of the check-in at the port of departure.
  4. Open return tickets are valid until the end of the issuance date’s year.
  5. BUYERs accept to comply with all safety and security measures and controls aboard the SELLER’s ferries.
  6. BUYER confirms to be ready at the port 1 hour prior to the departure time of the ferry.
  7. The SELLER holds the right to make any change on scheduled departure times and dates.
  8. Marmaris courts are authorized for arbitration due to any conflict arising from this contract under valid tariff and current Turkish Law and legislation.
  9. Sailing schedules may be interrupted, changed and crossing times extended or trips cancelled due to adverse weather conditions or operational circumstances beyond the SELLER’s control. The SELLER cannot accept liability for any costs (including transport, accommodation or meal costs) or inconveniences caused by such delays and/or cancellations.
  10. Pregnant women of 6 (or more) months are not allowed to travel aboard SELLER’s ferries for their own safety.
  11. The SELLER is not liable for any injury and/or death and/or damage and/or loss to luggage, other personal belongings or cars aboard the ferries unless any of the incident(s) above is proved to be the result of the SELLER’s fault or negligence at a court in Marmaris. The SELLER is not liable if the incident resulted from an act of war, terrorism, hostility, insurrection, a natural phenomenon, adverse weather or sea conditions or was wholly caused by an act or omission done with the intend to cause the incident by a third party.
  12. Carrier cannot be hold liable for missing or lost personal belongings.
  13. Ticket fare covers the transportation between embarkation and disembarkation ports. No other services are covered by ticket fare if the SELLER has not charged any extra fee. Fares are effective for the declared routes only.
  14. Fares and expenses may be paid with an internationally convertible currency that the SELLER accepts. Any currency conversion will be based on Turkish State Bank’s foreign currency selling rates if the fares/fees are paid with a different currency other than the one stated on the SELLER’s internet website.
  15. The SELLER does not guarantee numbered seat assignment. BUYERs accept to choose any available seat.
  16. Greek government does not require visa from the holders of Green and service passports for the Turkish Nationals.
  17. Ordinary passport holders must have a valid Schengen visa prior to embarkation to the ferry.
  18. BUYERs those have KKTC entry stamps on their passports, are not allowed to travel to Greece.
  19. It is dangerous and forbidden to embark and disembark the ship unless the ramp is fully prepared for embarkation/disembarkation and crew grants approval following necessary security precautions’ readiness.
  20. If passenger acts like he/she is endangering the ship or any other person or any good or belonging; or if he/she prevents the crew from doing their duties or not following crew members’ orders; or if he/she causes reasonable objections of other passengers; seller can take any precaution including capture of passenger in order to prevent continuity of such kind of act.
  21. Passengers should not leave their seats whilst the ship is sailing and/or manoeuvring for berthing. Passengers must follow the warning announcements during the voyage. Seller cannot be charged for any injury and material damages which caused by not obeying to these rules.
  22. The SELLER is not liable for any injury and/or death and/or damage and/or loss to luggage, other personal belongings or cars aboard the ferries unless any of the incident(s) above is proved to be the result of the SELLER’s fault or negligence. Liability of seller could be reduced or totally abolished in accordance with the statute’s provisions if passenger has contributory negligence.
  23. Seller is not responsible for any damage to fragile or perishable items in luggage, money, jewellery, precious metal, silverware, bills and other valuable commercial paper, passport and other identifications.
  24. Seller will not be responsible for death, illness, injury or disability of a passenger whose age, mental or physical condition creates a risk or damage for him/herself and his/her condition.
  25. On your departures from Rhodes, please visit our agency’s kiosk in Rhodes Port in order to colllect your boarding cards and for the check-in procedures. Sea Dreams Travel Agency (Tel:+30 22410 76535 / +30 22410 74235)
  26. On your departures from Kos, please visit our agency’s kiosk in Kos Port in order to colllect your boarding cards and for the check-in procedures. Exas Travel Agency (Tel: +30 22420 29900)
  27. Please print your online tickets for the check-in procedures.
  28. One way ticket holding passengers must purchase a return ticket should they be denied entry into Greece and forced to return to T urkey by the Greek Immigration Authorities.
  29. One way ticket holding passengers must purchase a return ticket should they be denied entry into Turkey and forced to return to Greece by the Turkish Immigration Authorities.
  30. Schengen visa required passport holders traveling to Greece, accept and undertake that; they have no “KKTC (North Cyprus Turkish Republic) stamps” on their passports and that they will pay all fines imposed by Greece, due to refusal of entry resulting from such stamps, and that they have been notified of this in advance accordingly.
  31. Passenger accepts and undertakes that; there are no obstacles such as expiry, validity, coverage, dates, number of entries, duration of stays or similar attributes on her/his passport, visa, residence permit or other travel documents for her/his entry into Greece and that he/she will pay all fines imposed by Greece, due to refusal of entry, resulting from such non-comformities, and that she/he has been notified of this in advance accordingly.
  32. Tickets with legs on different seasons will be charged with “first departure date’s” seasonal price.
  33. Return date can not be changed on tickets issued with a confirmed date.
  34. Availability can not be guaranteed for return date on open-return tickets.
  35. Open Return tickets’ return date and time must be confirmed with our agents in Rhodes and Kos within working hours, one day before departure.

Contact details of our agency in Rhodes:
Sea Dreams Agency
Address: 46 gr Lambraki Street 3rd Floor
Tel: +30 22410 74235 – 36

Contact details of our agency in Kos:
Exas Travel Services
4 Antinavarchou Ioannidi Street 85300 Kos
Tel: +30 22420 29900

Disavowal Right
The buyer does not have the right to deflect due to the fact that the articles indicated under chapter three of the regulation which arranges “THE USE OF DEFLECTION RIGHTS AND OBLIGATION OF THE PARTIES”, can not be applied to “PASSENGER CARRIAGE SERVICES”.

Cancellation of The Travel and Refund Conditions
  1. The BUYER cannot ask the SELLER to alter any detail (i.e. BUYER name, date, time and itinerary) on the electronic ticket which is purchased in accordance with this contract’s rules. The BUYER accepts and guarantees that there will be no request to the SELLER for any change after the completion of the sale.
  2. No refund is made to any BUYER in case of; Authorities’ refusal to the person trying to leave the country, expired visa, not having a valid visa.

Seller can refuse to transport any passenger and/or the luggage for security reasons or by using his discretion, according to the occurrence of following situations; In case behaviour or age or mental or physical condition of a passenger oblige seller to take additional steps to complete the carriage, in case a passenger disturbs crew or other passenger’s or causes danger or risk of injury and or damage to other people or their belongings, in case the passenger refuses security control, in case the passenger is under effect of narcotic substances and/or medical treatment which may be detrimental for other people, any other situation which is not stated within this CONTRACT but entitles the seller to refuse the transportation. There will be no refund to any passenger in case of refusal of the transportation.

No ammunition and firearms except sport and hunting types can be carried as luggage. Arms and ammunition those for sport events, can be carried as registered luggage. Firearms must be safety-locked and properly packed and delivered to the Master upon boarding the ferry. Such belongings will be returned to the passenger prior to the disembarkation. The SELLER may refuse to carry a material as baggage in accordance with its size, shape, weight and content.The SELLER may refuse the carriage of any material if such items are not properly packed in a suitcase, bag or other packing forms.Passengers have the right for free baggage within internationally accepted limits.Passengers may take the delivery of their baggage after all the baggages are unloaded from the ferry at the disembarkation port.Any material or substance like illegal drugs/narcotics cannot be carried. The full responsibility of such illegal drugs belongs to the Passengers.

Pets; like cats and dogs (except the outrageous dogs like American Pitbull Terrier, American Staffordshire Terrier, Bull Terrier, Staffordshire Bull Terrier, Japanese Tosa, Dogo Argentino, Doberman, Rottweiler) those have a valid international vaccination and health card besides any other document which Greek government requires, can be accepted for carriage in case both parties agreed in advance.Acceptance of pets’ carriage is only possible if the owner of the pet takes full responsibility. The SELLER will not be responsible in case Greek government does not allow entry of the pet and if following facts occur; Death of the pet, sickness of the pet, delay due to the refusal of entry by the authorities, loss of any kind (moral or corporal or financial).