When applying for a membership at, your personal or professional information will be coded and stored in our database and will be revealed under no circumstances to any other person or third party. Information of your credit card - entered during your shopping or reservation - will be securised by a very strong SSL (Securised Sockets Layer) and Encryption Technology. All private information securised and coded by SSL will only be accessible by the bank for approval. When your credit card will be approved, you will then be allowed to proceed with your shopping. With this system e-shopping is as secure as shopping by telephone or in a shop.

The information of your credit card will under no conditions be stored nor revealed to third parties and are protected against fraud. Should you find in your statement payments to other than those of which you are sure, please contact us by e-mail. Our agency, in co-operation with the concerned bank, will sort this out in the shortest delays and will defend your interests. Payments by credit card to "" will be reflected in your statement as payments to "Anker Travel or Anker Turizm".

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